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NONNA’S KITCHEN began with an idea that would bring generations of families together to enjoy traditional Sicilian food in the heart of our home town in the UK. Nonna’s is a family run business which prides itself on sourcing the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best flavours for our customers. As you may know Nonna’s Kitchen translated means Grandmother’s Kitchen. As a Sicilian family we wanted to create a little bit of Sicily right here in the UK by bringing together all of our Nonna’s traditional Sicilian recipes.
Nonna’s Kitchen is not only a restaurant that provides freshly cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. We have a range of counters that provide an assortment of Sicilian products. Our bakery imports the highest quality Sicilian fl our to retain the traditional taste of our bread and fresh pasta. The patisserie creates the most delicious traditional cakes, from the Sicilian cannoli to birthday cakes, Nonna’s has it all. Our gelato counter has over 20 mouth-watering flavours for you to try, which are all created in the UK by our patisserie chefs. We also have a deli counter, which is fi lled with salami, hams, cheeses, olives, pizzas, calzoni, arancini and selections of marinated vegetables. Our passionate Sicilian chefs ensure to provide you with authentic recipes made with ingredients that are carefully selected in Sicily and local regions in the UK. So whether you’re celebrating a birthday, meeting a few friends for a coffee and a cake or fancy a quiet night in with a takeaway, Nonna’s will make you feel right at home.

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